You are looking for a Patent Attorney supporting, advising you, and representing your interests in all stages of the project?


… protects your rights to your inventions and ideas.

… develops appropriate property right strategies with you.

… assists you in professional patent research, identifying prior art and novelty of your invention.

… collaborates with you in drafting, prosecuting and defense of your patents, trademarks, designs and utility models.

… analyzes for you third party property rights and asserts your rights and assists you against intellectual property rights of third parties.

In Germany Dr. Mohr represents and asserts your rights:

• before the German Patent and Trademark Office,

• before the German Federal Patent Court,

• before the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market in Alicante,

• before the German Federal Court of Justice in matters of appeal proceedings regarding invalidity of German and European patents,

• before the German District Courts, Higher District Courts and the Federal Supreme Court in matters of intellectual property accompanying an attorney-at-law.

The Patent Law Firm MOHR is a German Patent Law Firm led by Dr. Mohr as single and it’s principal patent attorney and client adviser.