Things you should know about us:

…about as personally

We are optimistic thinking people having a high measure of self-initiative and strategic and proactive thinking. It is our believe that there is a way of making available and feasible everything that really matters. Thereby, we will not be avoiding difficult decisions. Team spirit and assertiveness, as well as the ability to develop and keep positive relationships with people mark us out as a pleasant and reliable partner.

...our working attitude

A careful, goal-oriented and well-structured mode of operation is very important to us. This enables us to substantiated problem anaylsis and forms the starting point of a creative development of solution strategies. An independent and responsible working style, integrated into the enriching knowledge exchange of team work, as well as permanent willingness for development, mark important aspects of our working attitude.

…our motivation

For us, the finding and unfolding of personal resources are among the true and important things in professional, as well as personal life. We look forward to challenges in the firm belief that pleasure in the activity and the will itself will prevail all opposition.

The Patent Law Firm MOHR is a German Patent Law Firm led by Dr. Mohr as single and it’s principal patent attorney and client adviser.
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